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Contra Vision®TT™ Step by Step Instructions

1.) Pre-set your hot-roll laminator to 250°F, 24"/min, and approximately 60psi.

2.) Print and plotter cut your graphic. When designing, mirror your graphic so that it can be seen in the correct orientation when it is applied on the inside of the window.

*We recommend Eco-Sol or Solvent ink on our clear perforated vinyl.

3.) Setup the B/W coating on your hot laminator like any film laminate. When setup correctly, the white side should be seen. Do not setup the liner take-up.

*Caution: Make sure that the liner stays on the print and is not peeled away in this step

4.) After allowing the fresh print to cure, send it through the hot-laminator.

*Try not to have your fingerprints on the print. Oils from your hands can cause defects.

5.) After laminating, set the print on a table. Slowly and consistently, peel away the release liner at a 180º angle.

*Temporarily mounting the print to the table using masking tape can make this easier.

6.) Peel the vinyl liner off and the print should appear in the correct orientation.
7.) Apply the print to the inside of the window.    

Contra Vision®TT™ is a trademark of Contra Vision Supplies Ltd.