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Contra Vision® TT™ Product Summary

ZeroNine introduced Contra Vision® TT™ at SGIA in 2007. Contra Vision® TT™ is a new and easier way to make interior mounted see-through graphics using a hot-roll laminator. If you would like to outsource your work and have us make your graphic, we can do that too! We are economical in price and leave enough room for you to make money too.
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Contra Vision® TT™ is the industries first white & black dry-transfer all-in-one coating. Our product bonds directly to the back of your clear perforated print in a clean, fast manner; thus eliminating any need to screen print. Mounting your graphics on the inside has many advantages. The following link is a list of reasons you should consider ZeroNine's Contra Vision® TT™.
Advantages and Considerations

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The white & black coating is applied like a film through your hot roll laminator. You can then apply your prints inside, and see them from the outside where all they attract is attention - not dirt, water or vandals.

In order to understand how Contra Vision® TT™ works for interior application window graphics, you can view our Step-by-Step Instructions webpage that shows pictures and descriptions, or you can follow steps below.

  1. Reverse print with eco-sol or solvent ink on clear perforated vinyl (we sell that too!). It is important to reverse print so that when you apply it on the inside of the window, it can be seen in the correct orientation from the outside of the window.
  2. After printing, you must apply our black/white Contra Vision® TT™ using your hot roll laminator in the same manner as our FloodCoat White™ or FrogSkin54™ or any Hot-Film laminate.
  3. After the graphic has been laminated with our Contra Vision® TT™, the liner that the ink resides on needs to be removed. When the liner is removed, the black & white Contra Vision® TT™ ink remains on the print and vinyl area only while not filling the perforated holes.
  4. After removing the liner , the perforated print can be installed on the inside of any window! The print is black on one side and your print is on the other.

Contra Vision® TT™ has been tested on a Seal and AGL laminator using many different inkjet inks and substrates. To view our recommended settings that have given us the best quality output click the link below. We recommend using our settings first and then depending on your equipment, materials, application, and outcome you may need to make fine-tuned changes.
Recommended Starting Settings

Contra Vision®TT™ is a trademark of Contra Vision Supplies Ltd.