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FrogSkin™ (for Inkjets) Step by Step Instructions

1.) Pre-set your hot-roll laminator to 205ºF, pressure to approximately 60psi, and speed to 18”/min.

2.) Print and plotter-cut your graphic.

*We recommend EcoSol or Solvent ink on glossy, smooth, PVC banner or vinyl materials.

3.) Setup FrogSkin (for Inkjets) on your laminator like any normal film laminate. There is no need to wind up the liner, so setup is simple. Use gloves to prevent fingerprints on your graphic.
4.) Carefully pull the clear liner off the laminated graphic. FrogSkin Clear Coat is now on your print.

5.) Put the liner up to a light to check for defects. Cloudy areas on the liner are un-transferred ink.

*Please note that the liner will appear cloudy in areas where the cut-lines were. FrogSkin does not bridge the cut gaps.

6.) To further check the quality of the ink transfer, use an alcohol wipe to test the durability. You may now weed out your graphic and your done!