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FrogSkin™(for Inkjets)Recommended Settings

The temperature and running speed necessary to achieve a successful transfer of the protective coating onto the print will vary with combination of vinyl, ink and laminator.

Determining Good Transfer
A trial to establish the best settings for each vinyl/ink/laminator combination is strongly recommended. These settings can then be used whenever this combination is used in the future.

The trial print needs to be carefully checked to ensure that the protective FrogSkin™ coating has successfully transferred. First, when removing the carrier, check that there is no coating left where it should have transferred onto the print. Where the coating has transferred, the carrier will appear clear. Any remaining coating will appear slightly 'milky'. Second, use a piece of adhesive tape to attempt to remove the coating from the print, thus checking the adhesion of the coating to the print. Then compare the resistance of the coated print and a piece of uncoated print to the solvent wipe. Wipe the solvent over the whole width of the print to check that there are no areas of unsuccessful transfer caused, for example, by cold spots on the laminator roller.

The top roll needs to be heated to a temperature of 205°F. Initial recommended running speed is 18 inches/minute. Higher speeds are possible dependant on the laminator model, brand of ink and vinyl. Pressure/nip gap should be slightly higher/narrower than for laminating self adhesive vinyl, typical 420kPA or 60psi.

A strong back-brake can be applied to eliminate any wrinkles. The FrogSkin™ polyester carrier is not prone to stretching.

Ensure that the print is free from dust and is not contaminated. Oils and sweat from hands can interfere with coating adhesion.

It is recommended that the print is dry before FrogSkin™ is applied. However, solvents from the print will 'pass-through' the coating, enabling the coating to be applied before the print is completely cured. The FrogSkin™ polyester carrier can be left in place to further protect the laminated prints during transit, handling and application. In this situation, if the carrier film is to be left on for more than a day or two, the prints must be fully cured prior to lamination.

Application Tapes:
We recommend not applying application tape for 24-48 hours after laminating because FrogSkin needs to be fully cured onto your graphic before applying an adhesive. It is recommended that you use a low tack paper application tape when protecting your graphics with FrogSkin™ (for inkjets) . We also suggest that the application tape does not remain on the print for an extended period of time as the adhesive can slowly soften the FrogSkin54 coating which can cause failure. We suggest testing your method or application before performing it on your job. Consult ZeroNine if you have any further questions about application tapes.

Generally if the transfer is not successful, a lower running speed and/or a higher roller temperature will solve the problem.