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FrogSkin™ (for inkjets) Product Summary

In 2007 ZeroNine introduced FrogSkin54™ for protecting ink-jet prints using your hot-roll laminator. FrogSkin54 is a ultra-thin and ultra-clear protective ink that can help eco-sol or solvent based ink-jet prints last longer inside and outside. In 2008, ZeroNine released the product in widths that measure 12", 42" and 54" wide to fit the most popular laminator sizes.

FrogSkin™ (for inkjets) is a clear protective coating that is applied like a film laminate. It helps protect the graphics from harsh chemicals, abrasion and UV light while still maintaining it's ultra clear and glossy appeal. With this product you can put your ink jet prints outside without the worries. The material is ideal for flat signage installations and on glossy vinyl surfaces. This product has many advantages over using traditional vinyl laminates and liquid laminates. Click the following link to see the list of why you should try FrogSkin.
Advantages and Considerations

FrogSkin™ (for inkjets) consists of a protective clear dry ink and a film carrier. The protective clear dry ink is transferred to the printed graphics during the lamination process and the carrier is removed after lamination is complete. The ink and the carrier together form a single web of material with no obvious two-ply construction being evident. The material is self-wound with the coating on the inside. For further claification, clicking the following link takes you to the instructions webpage that consists of pictures and descriptions on how this revolutionary product works.
Step-by-Step Instructions

In the above graph, all the products are very close in price at approximately 30 ¢/ft². ZeroNine’s FrogSkin especially stands out because it is by far the thinnest and un-detectable while still maintaining it’s outdoor durability of 2 years (which seems to be a industry standard for economical protection). FrogSkin (for inkjets) also has the fastest turn-around time vs. comparable laminates. Prices of comparable laminates are according to Feller's Vinyl Supply catalog Fall 2007.

FrogSkin™(for inkjets) has been tested on Seal and AGL laminators using many different inkjet inks. We have over 10 test sites across the country with different equipment, materials, and applications; all of which are happy. To view our recommended settings that have given us the best quality output click the following link. We recommend starting with our settings and depending on your equipment, materials, and application, you may need to make fine-tuned changes.
Recommended Starting Settings

FrogSkin™ is available through select distributors and ZeroNine directly by purchasing online, by telephone, or by fax. The following link will take you to the FrogSkin™ (for inkjets) Online Store webpage.
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