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How to place an order for ZeroNine's Window Wizards Wholesale Printing Services
Step 1: Design your desired print-ready file in .eps, .jpg, .pdf, or .tiff formats
Step 2: Mirror the job so that it can be seen in the correct orientation
Step 3: Use the fields below to send us your file and contact information
Step 4: A FlipSide representative will contact you after reviewing the job with a quoted price

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There are Cut-Lines in this job.
Please choose which side of the window I would like this window graphic mounted on. If it is mounted on the inside, we print on clear perf and laminate with Contra Vision TT. If it is mounted on the outside, we print on white/black perf.
I would like to approve the final layout before it is produced. I realize that the file will be sent electronically in a .JPG format to the email address above, and the vinyl will not be produced or sent until ZeroNine/FlipSide Printing receives final approval.
I understand that if ZeroNine/FlipSide Printing needs to make significant changes to my art-work, I can be charged for a design-fee. A ZeroNine/FlipSide representative will call the number listed before such a fee is added.


I understand that FlipSide OneWay Signage is a custom order and must be paid in full (by credit card) before it is produced. Returns are not accepted because it is a custom produced order.


I have reflected/mirrored the job so that it can be seen in the correct orientation when it is applied on the inside of the window.

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