The following is a list of supplies that we offer for use on the Gerber EDGE® printer.

Replacement Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We offer 65+ refill ribbons for the Gerber EDGE® printer. Thermal transfer ribbons are ZeroNine's specialty. We offer them in a variety of combinations such as in a refill, in an OEM cartridge, or even in our own Shuttle Cartridge. It all depends on how much you want to save!

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Digitel™ ElectroLuminescent Material

Digitel is a special highly flexible material that illuminates when printed on with ZeroNine's Conductive Foil. Digitel is designed for use in the Gerber EDGE® printer. If you need a niche, this is it. Using Digitel you can light up banners, POP displays, replace neon signs, light boxes or even reflective applications.

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Refillable Shuttle Cartridge

The ZeroNine Shuttle Cartridge is made to make your life easier. Both sides of the cartridge easily open for you to refill your cartridge with little problem. The Shuttle also has a countdown feature that can help you accurately know how much ribbon is remaining.

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FlipSide Custom Branded Vinyl

FlipSide Printing is a specialty printing service that offers custom branded vinyl for use on the Gerber EDGE® printer. Use your personalized vinyl to increase your market exposure in an affordable way.

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