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Contra Vision TT

Contra Vision TT allows graphic makers to mount perforated see-thru window graphics on the inside of the window as opposed to the outside. Contra Vision TT is a white and black (all in one) thermal laminate. To mount your graphic on the inside, you must reverse print on CLEAR perforated vinyl then laminate Contra Vision TT onto of your print. The Contra Vision TT adds the necessary white primer and the black backing. If you're interested in trying this new concept, you need an solvent or ecosolvent printer and a hot-roll laminator. Try it today.

Contra Vision TT
Description Part #           Price   
 Contra Vision TT (51" x 30') CVTT51-30
 Contra Vision TT (54" x 110') CVTT-54
 60/40 Clear Perforated Vinyl (54" x 100') VPC54-100
 60/40 Clear Perforated Vinyl (54" x 25') VPC54-25
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