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ShadowCast - Edge FX

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ShadowCast is a printable transparent black that is excellent at producing shadows. It helps give your graphics dimension. A single "hit" of ShadowCast gives the illusion of many colors, shades, and shapes. ShadowCast leaves no dot pattern either! ShadowCast is mearly a 10% black tint and when printed on top of colors it gives a shadow effect. It is overprintable as well, so a double hit of ShadowCast in certain places will give even more dimension because it would add up to a 20% tint, and third hit is a 30% tint. Using ShadowCast allows artists to make 3D depth and shadows in all of their graphics.

- Designed for the Gerber Edge FX printer

- Legacy series is the original ZeroNine pigment formula

- More opaque than NexGen series ribbons

- 3-year outdoor durability rating

- Prints best at the Edge I speed setting

- Does not void the printer warranty

- Made in the USA

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