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Thermal Transfer Ribbon History

ZeroNine has been dedicated to servicing it's customers with the highest quality products since 1978. We are focused on continuous improvement in quality, customer service, and product selection.

ZeroNine's founder, Owen Scheppman, purchased his first Gerber Edge® Truinon printer in 1996 to cater to the short run masses. Owen found the machine amazing, especially when you compared it to screenprinting. ZeroNine for the next few years began focusing on becoming an alternative thermal transfer ribbon source for the Gerber Edge® market.

ZeroNine started in the Gerber Edge® market in 1997 selling refill rolls to go inside modified OEM cartridges selling direct to customers and advertising in all the trade magazines. As the Gerber Edge® became more popular and the "it" machine to have, ZeroNine also grew. It strived on constantly coming out with new features and products. The company focused on providing a wide range of unique colors, and also matching the OEM of the popular ones.

For more than 2 decades, ZeroNine has met the call of it's customers who are in niche markets, because after all who would understand niche markets better than us? If it were not for great ideas, we would not have Tinting White, ShadowCast, ShadowCast2, Hologram ribbons, Super Opaque Black, Gold Leaf, Ruby Positive, a countdown shuttle cartridge, refill ribbons in 10/50/100yds, NexGen ribbons, ChalkArt capabilities, The Pop Top, The Cartridge Caddie, FrogSkin, FrogSkin54, Contra Vision® TT™, FloodCoat White, FlipSide custom branded vinyl, Conductive ribbons, and Printexs Digitel Electroluminescent material.