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About ZeroNine

ZeroNine strives to bring it's customers unique thermal transfer ribbons, great customer service, fast delivery and quality products; all at a price you can afford. We are an innovative company and are always working toward making customers happy in ways they never knew possible. ZeroNine was the first company to introduce refill foils for use in the Gerber Edge® 1, 2, and FX. We continue to see needs in the market place and will continue answering the call of our customers.

ZeroNine has been dedicated to servicing it's customers with the highest quality products since 1978. ZeroNine is focused on continuous improvement in quality, customer service, and product selection.

In 1998, ZeroNine Mfg. decided to focus on servicing other designers by providing them with cutting edge products. ZeroNine started out by meeting the needs of thousands of sign shops by supplying a thermal transfer ribbon in unique colors for the Gerber Edge® printers. Shortly afterward, ZeroNine brought it's formula to the Roland® PC60/600 market.

Over the past decade, ZeroNine has met the call of it's customers who are in niche markets, because after all who would understand niche markets better than us? If it were not for great ideas, we would not have Tinting White, ShadowCast, ShadowCast2, Hologram ribbons, Super Opaque Black, Gold Leaf, Ruby Positive, a countdown shuttle cartridge, refill ribbons in 10/50/100yds, NexGen ribbons, ChalkArt capabilities, The Pop Top, The Cartridge Caddie, FrogSkin, FrogSkin54, Contra Vision® TT™, FloodCoat White, FlipSide custom branded vinyl, Conductive ribbons, and Printexs Digitel Electroluminescent material.