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BMX Numberplate - SuperFlow 2

  • $ 4995

The new ZeroNine SuperFlow2 numberplate is here for Christmas!!!

Inspired by the original SuperFlow numberplate made by us back in 1982. The New SuperFlow2 is made of flexible plastic, airflow vents along the sides, 2 layers of perforated film inserted within the center. Perimeter graphics with the iconic ZeroNine logo. Attachments made easy using color coordinated Velcro straps. All securely hand constructed using polished chrome rivets. Each SuperFlow2 comes with a full set of SuperFlow numbers.

- Available in 6 different color schemes

- Includes Velcro mounting straps

- Flexible plastic conforms to handlebars

- Measures 7" x 11"

- Includes a full set of SuperFlow numbers (0-9)

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