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FrogSkin (UV Clear)

  • $ 9500

FrogSkin is the market's foil of choice for protecting their graphics. The ribbon prolongs life of any graphic because it is a chemical, UV, and abrasion resistor. Anytime a graphic is going outside, we recommend putting FrogSkin on it to help it last longer. FrogSkin has three key ingredients. First, an ultraviolet filtering additive increases the durability of colors and materials by blocking the damaging effects of sunlight. Second, a chemical resistance additive defends against fuels, alcohol, oils, and cleaners. Third, an abrasion guard shields against sand, dirt, and car wash brushes. FrogSkin is also useful when printing on difficult clear substrates. All of our colors are designed to print on top of FrogSkin, so printing a clear ink down first will help the transfer process of the colors printed afterward.

  • ZeroNine® thermal transfer ribbon compatible with the Gerber Edge® FX™ printer
  • NexGen formula has improved abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance
  • 3-year outdoor durability rating
  • Prints best at high-speed setting
  • Does not void the printer warranty
  • Made in the USA

ZeroNine is not affiliated with Gerber in any way. Gerber Edge® FX™ is a registered trademark of Gerber Technology LLC.

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